Family to Family Birth Mother Educational Fund needs help

Family to Family is the adoption agency we used for Charlie’s adoption. They have an educational fund for birth mothers set up and the fund is running low. If you wish to donate, the link is below. I know Charlie’s birth mother benefited from this fund to continue her education after placing Charlie.  The following is directly from […]


Pumpkin Picking at Dewberry Farms

Saturday was very busy for us. Charlie had his flag football practice and game in the morning, then on to Dewberry Farm for the annual Family to Family picnic and finally our great-niece’s 12th birthday party at my sister-in-law’s house. The weather for the picnic was perfect! Not too hot, a slight breeze, and pretty […]


>Family to Family blog link

>A few weeks ago the agency we used to adopt Charlie, Family to Family, contacted me about the Lost Birth Parent Contact blog post I’d written. In it I talk about my feelings toward finding out we’d lost contact with Charlie’s birth mother.  Jennifer emailed me asking if she could link to my post on the agency blog […]

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