Pretend Play Dress Up box Clothes

As promised here are some photos of the various things I have made for my 2 great-nieces Christmas gift – Dress Up Boxes. This is an old slip I’ve added lace, ribbon, pearls, and white bows to turn it into a Wedding Dress. Now this shiny lame type fabric I found in Mom’s stash. What […]


>How to make a Dress Up Play Pillowcase Dress Tutorial

>There are plenty of tutorials out there in Internet land on how to make pillowcase dresses. What I do for pretend play is different however. The pillowcases just need to be modified for easy on and off for little girls of varying sizes. I pick up my pillowcases from the local thrift store. I look […]


Make Believe Play Dress Up Boxes

I have decided to create Make Believe Play Dress Up boxes for ourĀ 2 grand-nieces. I did this for the (now) older girls years ago and thought it would be perfect for the little girls this Christmas. My sister and I had dress up boxes at our grandmother’s house. We made a beeline to those boxes […]

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