Rest in Peace Ruby

Ruby, my Beagle, passed away in January last year. I miss the old chubby girl. Ruby was definitely MY dog. She followed me everywhere. If I stood up, she stood up or at least looked at me to see what I was going to do. Ruby was at least 10 years old when she passed. […]


Chuckit! Ball Launcher

It is will established that Max is obsessed with tennis balls. He loves to chew on them as well as chase them. Lulu is all about the chasing of the tennis balls, Or tormenting Max by taking his tennis ball despite there being a dozen or more other tennis balls hanging around the house or […]


No Privacy

Charlie was never as bad as the dogs when it came to following me into the bathroom. Lulu freaks out when I put her in the tub for a bath but when I’m in the shower she can’t wait to shove her way in.

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