Holiday Recipes

I didn’t do as much baking this Christmas season as I usually do what with everything that was going on at the time. I’m okay with that. I did manage to make a few things for the Cub Scout party and a friend’s Christmas Eve party. Two recipes I tried were new ones I found […]


Fried Okra

>I love fried okra! My mom loved it too and always made it fresh when I was growing up. Nothing is better than fresh from the garden okra cut up into small pieces, battered, and fried. Oh the crunch, the crispy outside & yummy inside! I do not like to cook. I admit I am […]


King Ranch Casserole…dinner last night

Last night I made King Ranch Casserole for dinner. It is something I love to eat but Hubby hates it. I love almost any casserole for that matter! Growing up my mom usually made some sort of casserole for dinner because it was cheap and filling. According to my mom, as long as you have […]

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