>Custom Pink & Chocolate handmade Baby Basket

>Rachael dropped off the blanket she sewed for the donation basket on Monday. We discussed various ways to bundle all the items up and still show off each one individually. So we decided on a flat rectangle tray with the blanket on bottom and the bib, onesie, and burpcloth on top side by side. I […]


>Donation for a friend’s charity auction

>My friend, Allison, is in a local women’s club that has an annual auction for charity. This year Rachael and I are contributing a custom handmade basket of baby items we’ve made. We are hoping that this will help give our Etsy store name additional exposure. The basket will have a handmade blanket, matching bib […]


>Craft show yesterday

> Well, the craft show went okay. Rachael and I aren’t thrilled but aren’t overly disappointed at the results. This was the 1st craft show the church had done in years but it was the same day as the Katy Rice Festival (which we didn’t know). So there weren’t a lot of visitors/buyers coming in. […]

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