>My latest Extreme Couponing Success

>I am still fascinated by the concept of Extreme Couponing. I know the TV show is edited and pre-planned to show the true extremes of couponing. The thought of doing something similar, on a much smaller scale, appeals to me.  As I mentioned in April I am starting to pay more attention to sales and […]


>Extreme Couponing

>Extreme Couponing is not new. It has been around for years but is the new “big thing” to hit the Internet, blogging world and TV. TLC even has a new TV show called Extreme Couponing! Denise from BlogHer is doing a series on Extreme Couponing. She started back in January and I’ve enjoyed reading about […]


>Scrapbooking part II and Etsy

>Allison and I finally managed to get together to scrapbook last night. I got 10 pages done! Yahoo! Of course my Wal-Mart’s 1hr photo processing was down so I couldn’t print and crop the Halloween photos from Friday but I survived. I just worked on what I had previously organized. I’ll be listing some new […]

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