Summer Camping Trip

Normally I avoid summer camping like the plague. It is way too hot and humid down here to be sleeping outside in a tent in the summer! However, I broke my rule for Charlie’s friends who had never gone camping. In July I took Salvine, his brother David, sister Maggie along with Myles and Nic camping at Sam Houston State Park for a long weekend., camping, tents, sam Houston state park, charlie

Salvine, David, and Maggie had never been camping before. Myles and Nic are in Scouts with Charlie. 6 teenagers and me. In July. Camping in tents. And alcohol is not permitted in state parks.

camping,, teenagers, sam houston state park

The weekend went so much better than I anticipated. Until it rained and my Scouts decided they were ready to go home since their tent was supposedly leaking. The kids went fishing and swimming in the lake. They made s’mores and cooked on the camping stoves., swiming, friends, lake sam houston, texas state parks, sam Houston state park

Ipromised the kids I would take them camping again in the winter when the weather is cooler.

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