Succulents – Pinterest Project

I have a Black Thumb. According to my gardening friends I have managed to kill unkillable plants. Even Charlie asks why I keep buying plants when all they do is die on me.  I am currently having some luck keeping succulents alive. Probably because those plants require very little attention.

my life such as it is swaziland mug succulent

Since unpacking boxes is boring and I have a lot of boxes to unpack, I took a few hours off to do something that brings me joy. On Pinterest I found some pins with herbs growing in teacups and succulents in eggcups.  At Dad’s house I found 2 mugs and a souvenir glass I liked. I bought some pea gravel, succulents, and cactus soil at Home Depot. I also bought some bright color 8″ pots and lantana for a different backyard project.

my life such as it is succulent mug k5lbu frosty

30 minutes later and I had 3 lovely plants in cute planters sitting on my kitchen windowsill. Pretty simple to do – this would be perfect to do with kids as well. Just put a thin layer of gravel in the bottom of the container, no more than 1″ deep. Add cactus/succulent soil about half way mark and then pop in your plant, filling the rest of the container with soil.  Pea gravel or small rocks help with drainage. The specialty soil also allows for plenty of drainage as well. Let’s face it – succulents and cacti do not like lots of water.

my life such as it is commemerative Disney glass succulent planter

I also have a lucky bamboo plant on my kitchen window sill. I have managed to kill off one of the bamboo stems. *sigh* I did mention my Black Thumb at the beginning. Here’s to my new plants surviving and flourishing!

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