Sponge Bombs!

I actually did a project from Pinterest! I have been combing through Pinterest for suggestions and ideas to use with the Cub Scouts. Some apply to advancement requirements and some just for fun. I found this idea ages ago and thought it sounded like fun.

Sponge Bombs! Can be thrown wet or dry – perfect for backyard battling!

The Scouts liked making them but loved throwing them at each other. I didn’t get any photos of the boys (totally forgot) but here are what my samples looked like.


These were super simple to make. I bought O-Cel-O Utility sponges, 3 in a pack at Wal-Mart. There are larger sponges but these were the perfect size. The Utility sponges are 5.9in x 3in x .9in and come in bright colors. I bought the zip ties at Dollar Tree.


  • Cut sponge into 3 strips vertically
  • On top of zip tie, stack sponge strips 3 across and 3 high
  • Pull zip tie as tight as you can
  • Cut zip tie short
  • “fluff” the sponge strips – separate them

You are battle ready! The sponges can be soaked in buckets of water and used for water fights in the back yard. They can also be used to battle while dry.

Great for summer fun!



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