Shark Week Crazy

I have been a fan of Shark Week for many years. Did you know that this is the 30th year for Shark Week on Discovery? I also watch Nat Geo’s Shark Fest.great white shark clip art shark week natgeo discovery channelAfter re-watching multiple seasons this past weekend, I have to come to a conclusion. Of all the various nationalities represented by the different researchers, wildlife photographers, master divers, enthusiasts, etc., the South Africans are the craziest of the lot!

If you have ever paid attention during the shows, you will see what I mean. One episode showed the South African getting into a clear plexiglass cage and quite clearly yells, “Hey, the door is broken. I’ll just hold it shut with my hands.” as he is being lowered into the ocean filled with chum and ginormous Great White Sharks.


Do you watch Shark Week or Shark Fest? Or super cheesy shark movies like Melissa and I love to watch?

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