>Sept. 16, 1985 – High School journal writing assignment

>It’s been awhile since I’ve delved into my old high school English class writing journal.  Some days we were assigned topics like make up a new soft drink and a jingle to promote it.  Or Forgiveness is the Noblest Revenge – agree or disagree? Some days we were told just to write whatever we wanted.

Here is my entry from Sept. 16, 1985 along with my classmate’s response.

Hello! How was your weekend? Mine was busy! Sat. I went to Gensis [sic] Project II (it was like a field day w/several youth groups together). Then afterwards I went out with some friends to a movie.

We saw Teen Wolf. Sunday I went to early service, S. School, & out to eat. Homework was next and then choir at 4:30. After church the youth group went out. All in all, it was a fun, tiring weekend.

Can you believe this is already the 3rd week of school?!

response –

NO! Well at least you had a good weekend. I don’t have all my materials either. Great hugh? [sic] I wish today would by already. This outline stuff is gonna be hard.

Kinda boring I must admit. Ah well. It was my senior year and I most certainly had a case of Senioritis going on along with most of my classmates.


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