>School Supply Shopping

>Kiddo is starting Kindergarten this fall. Well, actually in 2 weeks since school starts Aug. 23rd in Texas. He is attending the public school in our neighborhood, just a 15 minute walk from  home.

So in grand tradition of parents the world over, I dutifully printed off the required list of supplies needed for Kindergarten from the ISD website. I briefly glanced over the list and thought it seemed sort of basic but nothing truly out of the ordinary. Little did I know….

(looks so innocent doesn’t it?)

My sister volunteered to take Kiddo school supply shopping while I was at the dentist’s last week getting a filling repaired. I dutifully handed over the list marking off the few things I had already bought. When she picked me up an hour later they had bought almost everything on the list. There was one teeny tiny hitch – she could not find at Wal*Mart the kind of notebook listed that Kiddo would need. And he needs 6 of them! The employees there said they didn’t sell them but pointed out that they were offering instead. It was not anything like what was on the list but Rachael bought one anyway, just in case.

(the problem item)

So the 3 of us spent the rest of the afternoon hunting for the elusive notebooks. 4 Wal*Marts, 1 Target, 1 Walgreen’s, and 1 Office Depot later we admitted defeat. None of the stores had anything remotely resembling what was on the required list. My friend Allison said the only place she’d seen anything like that was in her ISD’s prepaid packaged school supplies that the PTA sold every year.

I held out hope for one last place to look – a teacher supply store. Saturday Hubby, Kiddo, and I headed out to the largest local teacher supply store in our area, Teacher Heaven.  Right inside the door we found a table with boxes and boxes of the much prized elusive notebooks! I bought all 6 of them suckers (plus a toy dinosaur) right then and there. I just might go back for more in case Kiddo runs out during the school year.

Who would have thought that finding spiral bound 8×10 white primary paper with red baseline, wide ruled notebooks would be so difficult? I found lots of primary paper notebooks, none that were spiral bound, all over the place. Kiddo has some that we’ve been using to practise handwriting at home with.

So that completes the school supply portion of our shopping. We still need a 1st day of school outfit plus some clothing basics to replace what Kiddo has outgrown this summer.


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