Rust-Oleum Frosted Glass spraypaint – DIY and product review

I have been wondering what to do privacy wise with the bathroom window as well as the sliding glass patio doors in my bedroom for awhile now. Both are clear glass. The patio doors do have curtains  but I enjoy opening the curtains for sunlight once in awhile.  The bathroom window looks out over the backyard and is just low enough to give the yard guy or the gas meter reader a shock.

I do not want curtains in the bathroom. I do want something that will still let in light but not scare anyone in the backyard if I step out of the shower at the wrong time. Same thing with the sliding glass patio doors. They open onto the deck and are where the doggie door is. We don’t entertain much but still I would like to be able to open the curtains without being 100% fully dressed sometimes.

In the past I’ve researched the DIY peel n sticky window coverings for anti-glare and heat control. My concern is with the direct sun and Houston heat/humidity that it would eventually bubble or peel off. Plus most of them have a metallic sheen causing a glare if outside on the deck.  While looking at high heat paint for another project at Home Depot I saw this – Rust-Oleum Frosted Glass spray paint –

Rust-oleum Frosted Glass Spray paint

the perfect solution to my problem! I picked up a can and the directions seemed easy enough. So I bought a can figuring I’d give it a try. Once home I cleaned the glass in the bathroom window, taped it off and started painting. The spray paint went on smoothly and sure enough, 10-15 minutes later the window was covered in translucent frosted glass.  I only painted the lower half of the window, allowing additional light through the top half and providing privacy on the bottom half.

bathroom window

On to the patio glass doors! Again I cleaned the glass (boy was it dirty!) and started spray painting. I put 2 coats on this time, painting back over the wet paint a second time per the instructions. Again, the paint dried in about 15 minutes or so.  I did not tape off around the door. To be honest, I don’t care enough about the possibility of overspray on the outside of the door.

outside patio door

Next was door #3 – the inside glass patio door. I spray painted this door from the inside versus taking out the dog door to paint from outside. I did turn on the extra fan but the spray paint fumes were not too bad. This door is not as well covered as the outside door and window. The paint started running out but I’m okay with the streaky look for now.

inside glass patio door

There is still a nice amount of light coming through the frosted glass when I open the curtains. Anything you can see out or in is blurred through the frosted glass paint. It works for me.

Overall I am extremely pleased how this little project turned out. I got something crossed off my To Do List for a small investment in money, effort and time. It took me less than an hour to clean and spray paint all 3 glass pieces. Rust-Oleum held up their end of the bargain with simple instructions and quality paint that did exactly as promised.  Anyone looking for a simple way to create some privacy without giving up light in a window or glass door, I highly recommend Rust-Oleum Frosted Glass Spray Paint. You can find it at Home Depot, Lowes, and other hardware stores. It might even be at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.


{Disclosure:  Rust-Oleum has no idea who I am. They have nothing to do with this review. I’m just pleased how well the paint met my needs and how my glass window and doors turned out.}

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