Ruby’s Pedigree via doggy DNA testing

My friends Denise and Tarrant have a puppy named Skeeter Bess. Skeeter looks a lot like Ruby. On a whim Denise decided to have Skeeter Bess’s DNA tested to see what breed she is.  The results were interesting to say the least.

Soooo…. I decided that it would be fun to check out Ruby’s family tree. I used the same company, Wisdom Panel Insights, and ordered their Mixed Breed DNA test kit from Amazon. The instructions were easy enough and Ruby cooperated with the cheek swabbing.  Wisdom Panel also offers Pure Bred and Designer Dog DNA test kits as well. They have a wide variety of dog breeds in their databases for comparison and the tests goes back 3 generations, great-grandparents on both sides.

We were told by the rescue group that Ruby is a possibly a mix of Beagle and Brittany Spaniel. Ruby definitely has the Brittany coloring, orange and white, and size. She has the Beagle tail and floppy ears. Most people who see her automatically think Beagle.  She definitely has the nose of a Hunting breed!

The results arrived while I was in South Africa on vacation.  Drum roll please………………………..

Pure Beagle through and through.

I must admit I was surprised. I expected some Beagle but also something else mixed in at some point. According to the chart I received via email Ruby is 100% Beagle. The certificate says

“…Ruby’s canine genetic background as determined following analysis of more than 300 genetic markers using Wisdom Panel Insights. The purebred dog signature matches included in this analysis are those that were detected in the last thee generations of Ruby’s ancestry.”

Veeeerrrrry Interesting.  Here is a copy of what I received – Ruby dna report

The average Beagle is 13-16 inches tall and up to 37 pounds. Ruby is approximately 22 inches tall and 49 pounds. She does not have the Beagle’s characteristic bay or howl. Ruby does make a yipping noise when on the hunt of some animal, usually a squirrel.  Ruby doesn’t bark much either. Ruby is all about the sniffing! She follows her nose which occasionally gets her into trouble.

I am pleased with my test results. Would I do it again? YES. I am considering buying the Pure Breed Dog DNA test to see if the results match.

Charlie is now asking for another Beagle puppy to keep Ruby company and just for him since “Ruby likes you {me} best”.  *sigh*


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