Rinse*Ace 3 way Pet Shower Sprayer – Product Review

Ruby, our dog, is a Brittany-Beagle mix. Thankfully she has the short hair of the Beagle instead of the Spaniel long hair. That means we aren’t spending tons of money on grooming.  In fact, I refuse to pay to have her bathed when I can do it myself.

I actively searched for a shower head attachment that I could use to bathe her in the tub. I have tried using a cup before but that just makes a bigger mess.

I was extremely pleased and excited to see just what I was looking for at Petsmart, the Rinse* Ace 3 way Pet Shower Sprayer.   While a bit pricey at $30 it had what I was looking for so I bought it.

It was super easy to install and hasn’t leaked once. The best part is the blue lever that controls the water flow. You turn on the shower but water will not come out until you flip the lever on the handle. So no getting squirted with water while you’re corralling the dog into the tub!

Included is a shower connector that is installed between your shower head and the pipe. Once the connector is installed, you just quick connect the Pet Shower Sprayer whenever you use it.

The shower sprayer has 3 settings but I have only used one. The blue lever on the sprayer head also lets you control the water output. Having an 8 foot hose means you don’t have to wrestle the dog into 1 spot in the tub. It also means you can easily reach all parts of your dog, no matter how big.

The Rinse*Ace 3 way Pet Shower Sprayer is meant for rinsing or wetting your dog only. There is no shampoo attachment. It just makes the whole home bathing and grooming process easier!

Ruby does really well with baths. She is not overly fond of them but doesn’t fight me in the tub. I like to think that this wonderful product is part of the reason.  If you have a dog and want to save on grooming costs, I highly recommend this product. Even if you just use it periodically in between professional groomings, it will make your life and the job easier. Plus save you money over time.

You can find this product online or at a variety of stores.


{Disclosure: Rinse*Ace and Petsmart have nothing to do with this product review. I just love that I found exactly what I wanted and that it works so well.}

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  1. I’m glad that it works well. I have been thinking about getting it for my pooches.
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