Rest in Peace Ruby

Ruby, my Beagle, passed away in January last year. I miss the old chubby girl. Ruby was definitely MY dog. She followed me everywhere. If I stood up, she stood up or at least looked at me to see what I was going to do.

Ruby was at least 10 years old when she passed. Charlie and I were in Bastrop helping with a Boy Scout Conservation project. Our dog sitter called frantic because Ruby was laying in the entryway bleeding and all torn up. It appeared that she had been mauled but no clue who or what. It wasn’t another dog because all the wounds were on her back legs and tummy. Dogs go for the throat, ears, and muzzle when fighting. None of the other dogs, including the 2 we were fostering at the time, had blood or wounds on them anywhere. Nor was there blood on the back patio or in the yard anyone could see or find.

Charlie and I rushed home but sadly, Ruby had already been put down. The damage was too great. Ruby went into shock and CPR was administered but the emergency vet said she wouldn’t make it much longer.

Rest in Peace Ruby! I loved you very much.

ruby beagle
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