>Remembering our Soldiers…..Happy Memorial Day

>Today is Memorial Day, a day set aside to remember & honor our country’s soldiers who died to our nation’s service. There is an actual website, US Memorial Day, dedicated to Memorial Day detailing the history as well as listing other resources relating to the holiday.

My maternal grandfather served during WW2 in the Sea Bees, also known as the Naval Construction Battalions. You can read the interesting history of this unique group at the website for the Sea Bee Museum and Memorial Park. (There are quite a few books out there about this amazing group of men along with an awesome movie starring John Wayne.)

Hubby’s dad served in WW2 with the British military, also stationed in the South Pacific.

We honor the sacrifices of our military personnel and their families, both past and present, today. Thank you for defending our country and it’s ideas of freedom and democracy.

{Disclosure: the links to the Fighting Sea Bees movie and books are through the Amazon.com Associates program}

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