PTO Today Expo

Today I am in Conroe at the PTO Today Expo. Fellow PTO officers Kelly and Jackie are with me.

I attended the one last year and found out all sorts of great ideas for fundraising. I also picked up lots of freebies and samples (my favorite) along with ideas.

Hopefully the 3 of us will learn some new stuff, get some new ideas and be able to present some of these to the PTO in the next few months.

Over the summer I would like to see our PTO have some serious meetings about our Mission Statement and make some difficult decisions about what exactly our goals should be.  How best to benefit all the students as well as the teachers, staff and parents. Funds are limited everywhere. What is the best way to help our school with what limited money is available.

That type of thing. Which never makes a person popular and gets people all heated up.

Sigh. But it is all for our kids right?


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