>Project 365 Update

>The year is winding down and so is Project 365 on Flickr. In case you haven’t heard of Project 365, it is a project involving taking a daily photo. That’s right – a picture for every single day of the year. The goal is to help you spread your photographic wings, remember the year in pictures, to look at things differently every day. If you miss a day or month, no one will hold you accountable I promise.

You can see examples of people’s photographs in 2 different Flickr groups, Project 365 and Project 365:2010. I decided to participate this year. I have blogged a couple of times over the year, starting in January, about my progress

I downloaded some more photos, edited and uploaded to Flickr more daily photos last night. You can see the most recent ones in my Project 365 set on Flickr.

I definitely have done better than I thought I would for the year. I most definitely did not meet my daily goal of 1 photo for the year. I have some last minute desperate photos scattered through out the year. I played with some photo editing options on Picnik, a free photo editing program online. I had fun.

Will I try again for next year, 2011? I don’t know yet. I like the idea but not necessarily the work or the stress of trying to remember to take a photo and get it uploaded. I plan on having all my Project 365 photos put into a printed photo book at some point.


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