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Have you heard about Amazon’s Prime NOW? It is a special perk just for Amazon Prime customers. Download the app or go online, place your order, and BAM! Amazon delivers within 2 hours. AWESOME!

**** FLASHBACK to Sunday ****

Sunday morning I discovered my car keys are lost. Charlie and I searched the main places I keep my keys.  After an hour of fruitless searching,  I declared a break.  The problem is that this set of keys are my “backup/spare” set of keys. My main set of car keys have been missing over a month. If you find them, please let me know. Now I have no way to drive my car!

Fast forward to late afternoon…

My tummy starts hurting and shortly thereafter I got sick. Apparently what little I had eaten didn’t agree with me or I have a virus out of nowhere. Not sure. So between bathroom runs, curling up on my bed trying not to die, and convincing Charlie I wasn’t going to die, I realized that without my car keys I couldn’t make my shopping run. We are literally out of toilet paper. I wanted Ginger Ale and crackers for my tummy.

Suddenly I remembered Prime NOW. Grabbing my phone I downloaded the app. Yay! I could have TP delivered within 2 hours! Without leaving my death bed! Ginger Ale too!

Then *KAPOW* my zip code is not currently being serviced. My dreams were crushed. I would have to suffer through the night or until my car keys were found.

Obviously I survived the night. My spare car keys were found (thanks Lydia), I was able to get off work for a couple of hours, and my grocery store run is complete. My tummy still is sour and queasy but I now have ginger ale and crackers.

Check out Prime NOW if you have Amazon prime. Maybe your zip code is serviced. It could be a life saver one day!

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