Pretend Play Dress Up box Clothes

As promised here are some photos of the various things I have made for my 2 great-nieces Christmas gift – Dress Up Boxes.

This is an old slip I’ve added lace, ribbon, pearls, and white bows to turn it into a Wedding Dress.

Now this shiny lame type fabric I found in Mom’s stash. What exactly she was doing with it I have no clue. I’m not sure I want to know as a matter of fact. I sewed it into a tube and added elastic at the top. The girls can wear it as a dress or a long skirt.

White sheer curtains I cut into a skirt. I added an elastic waist and glued sequins on it. Sheer curtains are great for all sorts of dress up pretend play. You can find them cheap at the thrift store/resale shops.

Polyester pillowcase I turned into a dress. I glued sequins on the centers of most of the flowers. I have 2 of these pillowcases. The other will be a scooped neckline.

I will be making the veils from leftover tutu tulle this weekend. I’ve got more play clothes in the works that I’ll show later on.


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