Pirate Peg Dolls

I have once again fallen down the Pinterest rabbit hole. This time is wooden peg dolls and adorable little play sets.

I bought blank peg dolls months ago thinking I would get them done for Christmas or birthday gifts. Welp. That didn’t happen.

I pulled the wooden pieces out over the weekend and started painting. I added a chest for storing the pirates and accessories. I used some miscellaneous wooden pieces I had from previous projects to make a cannon.

They need touching up and some varnish to protect the paint. I am not happy with the lady pirate. Her hair is the wrong color and her dress needs something, maybe a sash? I may end up tossing her and starting over with another doll.

I am thinking about making more, different sets, and trying to sell them at a craft show. Or sticking with my original plan of gifting them to family and friend with littles.

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