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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love Pinterest!  While I am crafty and can make things, it is the coming up with the ideas where I have problems.  I love searching for ideas that I can emulate and replicate at home. Giving credit to the originator of the idea (if I can find it) of course! I do not approve of passing off a neat idea as your own when it is not. That is not cool – even if the idea is from the Internet.

Anyhow I have been trying out a few nifty ideas I found on Pinterest lately.  Some are simple and quick; others are slightly more time consuming. Most have been inexpensive.

Pinterest Idea #1 –

Instead of leaving out the ugly liquid dish soap bottle on your sink, use an olive oil bottle!  You can do the same with liquid hand soap too. I have it pinned on my Neat Ideas board but the original idea came from The Craft Patch and her Pinterest Tested section on her blog.  I haven’t replaced the liquid hand soap yet but the Palmolive looks sooo much better by the sink now! (ignore the ugly sink)

liquid dish soap in olive oil container

 Pinterest idea #2 –

Area rugs moving around? Instead of spending money on anti-slip rug mats use acrylic-latex caulk as a cheap alternate. Also pinned on my Neat Ideas board and credited to Martha Stewart.  I did find the idea on but it mentions being used on sisal or seasgrass rugs. Nothing about being used on regular cotton, wool or other type of area rugs. None of the pins I saw about this mentioned that little tidbit of information.

I tried it on the rug I bought at Target to place in front of the doggie door. My hope it that the carpet will help reduce paw prints somewhat. Plus the rug coordinates with my bedding and bathroom décor.

Meh. It sorta worked. The rug does not move around as much as before but it still moves.  I coated the back of the rug pretty good with the caulk.  I am not sure if it is because my area rug isn’t sisal or seagrass like Martha’s example. I hate to think that Martha Stewart led me astray with something that didn’t work as well as expected.

I have more Pinterest home décor and craft projects that I have been working on to show you.  I’ll post those later on.

What projects have you attempted from Pinterest? Any favorite successes or spectacular failures?


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  1. giggle. Martha leads everyone astray from time to time. 😉
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