In Sunday School we’ve been doing a series on Nudges, those little pushes that God gives you from time to time to do something. It can be a big thing but usually it is just a little niggle in your brain that speaks to you about doing something for Him. Usually it is a seemingly little thing – writing a note to someone, calling to check on a person, or something that seem small and insignificant to you but God will take it and make it into something special.

This series has appealed to me in many ways. It touched a nerve in me to chose Courage as my word for 2011. Don has talked about being open to nudges from God which means I have to be quiet and listen sometimes. Nudges aren’t loud. Nudges aren’t pushy. They are still quiet persistent voices in our hearts.

Last year around this timeI made a bunch of fleece scarves and donated them to a local church run shelter. I believe that God gave me the nudge to do so last year. I believe God nudged me again this time. We usually have mild winters down here in the Houston area. The past few weeks we have had several cold snaps resulting in freezing or below temperatures. On Jan. 12 our church sent out an email saying that Helping Hands, the food and clothing bank we support, is in desperate need of blankets and jackets due to the cold weather plus the increased number of families needing assistance.

That to me was another nudge from God. I can’t afford to buy blankets or jackets. We don’t have any extras to donate. I could, however, make fleece scarves which are warm and toasty.

I went to Jo-Ann’s for fleece remnants. Luckily remnants were 50% off so I only spent $15. I ended up with 26 scarves. Charlie went with me and chose the fleece himself. I want him to learn to listen to God’s nudges in his life. I also want Charlie to appreciate what we have as a family and that others do not always have these things.

Fleece is very forgiving. It does not unravel so no sewing is required. Most fleece is 60-64 inches wide which is the perfect length for a scarf. I just basically cut strips 6-8 inches wide from each remnant. I sewed the edges on some and others I just cut a fringe on the ends.

I dropped my stash off at Helping Hands last week. I took Charlie with me so he could give the bag to the volunteers. They were so appreciative of the scarves saying that with the cold spells scarves, gloves, and mittens were needed to.  I am thankful I am learning to listen to God’s nudges and having the courage to obey them.

Matthew 25:40 ~
“The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’


{Disclosure:  the link to Nudges is via Amazon Associates program. That is the book our Sunday School teacher has been reading and is the basis of our series on Nudges.  We are not actually using the book.}

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