Nifty Hot Glue Gun Trick

A few months ago I fell down the Pinterest and YouTube rabbit hole while looking for DIY Mouse Ears.   My apologies that I cannot remember which video I saw this trick on. It was just thrown in the middle of her DIY as an “oh by the way” thing.

Anyhow. You know how difficult it can be when you need to add a new glue stick and the trigger doesn’t quite pull it in so you have to use your thumb to push the glue stick? It can be a tricky process and requires some skill. This is a total gamechanger!

glue gun craft tipTake the end of the new glue stick and melt the end. Then quickly stick the melted end into your glue gun. This will stick the 2 glue sticks together and they will move smoothly through the gun using the trigger mechanism.

glue gun craftVoila! glue gun trick craft tip

Is this not absolutely BRILLIANT! ?! I have no idea how I have managed all these years without it. I tried it on the Halloween Countdown calendars and it made things soooo much easier. Such a simple solution and so easy to do.

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