>My sister and Brother-in-law’s Adoption process

>It’s been awhile but I have mentioned before that my sister and BIL are adopting from Russian. They were matched with 2 little boys, brothers, ages 2 and 4, last fall.  They fell in love with the boys and moved forward in the adoption process.

Rachael and Chris have been in Russia at least 3 times now, the first time to meet the boys. They went back earlier this month to meet with the judge to finalize the adoption. They are currently back in Russia to finalize the American part of the process and pick up the boys.

You can read her updates on their blog, Sanity is Optional in Texas. Rachael has been posting some seriously funny stuff as they figure out the whole parenting thing. At least it is hysterically funny to me! Bwahahahaha! Feel free to peruse the rest of Rachael’s blog but here are the most recent highlights –

The Boys Have Arrived  the funniest in my opinion 

          Last Day in Archangelsk
          Playing Tourist in Moscow

          Still in Moscow  – the most recent update

They will be heading back home on Thursday. Rachael is only planning on taking the rest of April off and returning to work the first week in May. That way she can finish off the school year before summer vacation. Chris will be working nights at Wal-Mart and watching the boys during the day.

Keep them in your prayers and thoughts as it is tough to become “instant” parents to 2 toddlers.


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