Multi – Cultural Festival

The other day Charlie brought home an assignment for the Multi-Cultural Festival at school. The project was to decorate the figure to represent themselves and their culture.

This is the first time we’ve had a school assignment that indirectly relates to Charlie’s adoption. Charlie is full Hispanic (domestic adoption).  Hubby is first generation Irish. I’m an Anglo-Saxon mix of Irish, Welsh, and English.  The culture he has grown up knowing so far is mainly Irish and basic American. I must admit I was kinda taken aback about my thoughts at first, which were along the lines of “OMG, how do I explain this? Do I tell him to draw something Hispanic/Mexican related? Irish? Or what?”

We celebrate all cultures in our home. I spent years living in Africa as a child. I have travelled extensively over the years. Charlie has already been to England and Germany in his 6 years of life. Africa is on the schedule for next summer. Charlie has been exposed to the Tex-Mex culture living in the Houston area.

I told Charlie what the homework assignment was. He asked what culture means. I tried to explain it but am afraid I didn’t do a very good job. I just told Charlie to decorate the figure to look like himself. Here is what he drew:

I have to admit this pretty much represents how my little boy looks on any given day.


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