Monkeytober 2013


What is #Monkeytober13? It is Monkey Do Project’s name for our goal for this month, to fill the empty food bank in Clay, WV.  MDP has asked it’s Blogger Ambassadors to “Five Out” our Twitter and Facebook profile photos. The number 5 represents our commitment to ask our social media networks to donate $5 to the Monkey Do Project this month.

If each person who follows me on Twitter or friended me on Facebook donated just $5 this month Monkey Do Project would raise enough money to fill a totally empty food bank in West Virginia for 1 year! It cost approximately $2500 monthly to keep this food bank running. West Virginia is part of Appalachia, one of the poorest regions in America.  This part of Appalachia is rural with high unemployment and no industry available to provide jobs.

With the government shutdown struggling families are turning to the private sector for help more and more each day. Regardless of what you believe about the welfare system, food stamps or WIC, the fact is children are starving in America today. Those photos you see of starving children in 3rd world countries? – there are thousands of kids in the USA who look like that today!

Food banks are empty in many of these areas of Appalachia. These food banks depend on donations from churches and outside groups to help fund them. Larger charities are inundated with requests for help from smaller charities, food banks, shelters, etc. The economy stinks and times are tough for everyone.  I get it. I truly do.

All I am asking is that you pray and think about donating just once $5 to Monkeytober13.  Can  you give up one Starbucks for 1 day to help feed a child in America? You can donate via PayPal at Monkey Do Project , just be sure to put “Monkeytober” in the “chose project to help” category.

Thank you!


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