Mind Blown Scale Wise

Friday Allison and I were discussing our various weight and health issues at lunch. We believe that a person should be able to weigh in at the doctor’s office naked in the privacy of the exam room. Or at least set a tare for clothing before weighing in. There is nothing more frustrating than weighing heavier at your doctor’s office than you do at home!

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Allison told me something she discovered a few months ago. Weighing yourself naked after taking a shower or bath, with dry hair, will take off approximately 1/2 a pound versus weighing in naked before showering. I didn’t believe her.


I was wrong. Sunday morning I weighed myself before showering, stark naked and after peeing. I was 205.2 pounds. I took my regular shower, blow dried my hair, and then stepped on the scale. OMG. I weighed 204.8 pounds.

Almost a half pound less!

Mind Blown.

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