Meet Fancy the newest member of our family

After Ruby and Tom Cat died, I had no interest in adding another pet to our family. Charlie and I were perfectly content just fostering for Three Little Pitties Rescue.

Life had other plans.

picture of Fancy, a black and white pit mix puppy,  on a leash ii the driveway

Another 3LP foster volunteer needed help. Her daughter got her a puppy for Christmas, not knowing that her mom had Stage 4 cancer. In May I was asked if I would consider taking Fancy on to prevent her from entering the foster/shelter system. I met with Susanna, Fancy’s mom, and Fancy later that week.

As I posted on Facebook, I brought Fancy home with me that day. Fancy will be 1 year old in October. She is an American Staffordshire, 100% puppy, and a cutie. It has been an adjustment having a puppy still in the chewing stage around the house again. I now have a hashtag – #thingsFancyeats – just like I did for Max and Lulu.

We are in love with Miss Fancypants! Max and Lulu have adjusted to her as has Fancy adjusted to us.

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