Max’s Doggy Pedigree

max 2

Since I had Ruby’s doggy DNA testing done back in March I figured I would have Max tested as well.  I ordered the same Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA testing kit from Amazon since I was totally thrilled with their service the last time. When Charlie chose Max at the Rosenberg Animal Shelter we were told that Max was an unclaimed stray since he had an inactivated microchip with no data.  The nice ladies at the shelter guessed that Max is part Lab and part Rhodesian Ridgeback with a little bit of hound mixed in.

Max has settled in with our family quite nicely. He and Ruby are getting along pretty well. Big sister Ruby does not like Max on her/my bed so Max sleeps with Charlie. Under the covers no less.  Max’s favorite activity is chasing balls. I discovered last weekend that if the ball is thrown over my 6 foot fence, Max will scale it to get the ball. Thankfully Max then climbs back over the fence into our yard, dropping the ball at your feet so you will throw it again.  I spent this past weekend adding 2 foot tall lattice to the top of the backyard fence. Hopefully this will prevent the problem from reoccurring.

The doggy DNA test results arrive this week.       …..Drumroll……

Max is 1/2 American Staffordshire Terrier, 1/4 Bassett Hound, and 1/4 mixed breeds.

The 1/4 mixed breeds (in descending order of DNA) are:

The Wisdom Panel results do clearly state,

One or more of these breeds could have contributed to the genetic makeup of the ancestors indicated by the mixed breed icon. Note that it is highly unlikely that all these breeds are present in Max’s ancestry. There could also be a breed or breeds present in the mixed breed component that cannot be detected with the current database of over 200 breeds.

I must admit the American Staffordshire Terrier did not surprise me. The Bassett Hound, on the other hand, made me laugh out loud. Even our vet scratched his head when I told him about the Bassett hound part of Max.   *GIGGLE*  I do not see any Bassett in Max at all.  Looking at the AKC information on the other breeds listed I do see some of them in Max.

max 1

But definitely NOT Bassett Hound!


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  1. Max is stinking cute. And I’m glad that Max sleeps with Charlie. I bet that makes Charlie really happy.
    sassymonkey recently posted..Princess Elizabeth’s SpyMy Profile

    • It does make Charlie happy. In fact if he wakes up and Max isn’t his in bed, Charlie gets upset. I have to reassure Charlie that Max was there until he heard me get up.

  2. Adorable. Regardless of what he is or isn’t. Totally fun to have the DNA panel done, though, isn’t it? lol
    Denise recently posted..Eating All The ThingsMy Profile