Max and Ruby and Tom and

I am now the owner of 3 animals. We have 2 dogs, Max and Ruby, and added my dad’s cat, Tom. I didn’t have the heart to return Tom Cat to the animal shelter so he is now living at my house.

You have met Ruby and Max onย my blog. I have written about them many times on here.

beagle ruby dog pet

pit bull max pet dog

I have introduced Tom Cat on Instagram. Tom has certainly livened up the house a bit. The dogs are properly terrified of him since Tom is not declawed. He wants to be an outdoor cat and keeps trying to sneak out the doggy door.

tom cat pet

Charlie is a tad bit OCD. He prefers everything to be in even numbers or pairs. So now Charlie is convinced that since we have Max & Ruby (if you are a parent with a small child you recognize the reference) we need to have a Jerry to go with our Tom.

stuffed animal pet dog cocker spanielSo meet Jerry to go with our Tom.

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  1. LOL Hi Jerry, nice to meet you! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Denise recently posted..Reading In JanuaryMy Profile

    • No way was I getting a second cat despite all of Charlie’s asking! This was a compromise. It was my mom’s and Dad told Charlie he could have it.

  2. Perfect solution!
    Manicmom recently posted..More Gangsta, Less Jello: A Personal Reflection on ValuesMy Profile