LEGO Figure Storage

Charlie has gotten into Legos quite a bit these past few months. He switches between NASCAR and Legos on a daily basis. Consequently there is quite a collection of Lego characters in my house. I swear Lego figures and their accessories are worse than Barbie and her accessories!

I spent Mother’s Day putzing around the house picking up Charlie’s toys and putting them back in the toy room. I secretly stashed some Hot Wheels away for donation. I am slowly reclaiming the family room!

Charlie has a small red Lego box for storage of his Lego figures and their accessories. Sadly, it has not seen as much use as I hoped it would.

I was perusing Pinterest, not looking for anything particular, and came across a pin for Lego figure storage that peaked my interest.  Clean and Scentsible made a type of shadow box out of a frame for her sons figure storage.  I thought that was a great idea. I also liked the slats idea by BusyCouponMom.

I was measuring the side wall in the toy room and making plans for a Home Depot run when I saw this instead – a printers tray! OMG!! I’ve had a vintage printers tray for years. I used it to hold miniatures I collected. The tray was hanging in my office but found its way under my bed when the office was painted. It has been there gathering dust under my bed for over a year. I figured it would be put to better use as Lego figure storage.

I pulled the printers tray out, emptied it, and vacuumed the dust godzillas off. Voila!

type case printer tray lego figure storage diy

It is attached to the mirror by Command Picture hanging strips as extra support. Charlie’s Minecraft action figures are also stored there. Now all I have to do is find the rest of the Lego figures!

I call this a Pinterest success. How do you store LEGO figures?

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