Lazy Man’s Breakfast Tacos

I’m lazy when it comes to the kitchen. I don’t like to cook. I am all about quick and easy meals.

I love breakfast tacos and so does Charlie. What I don’t like is the whole scrambling eggs, cooking bacon, and getting a pan dirty part of the breakfast tacos. So I came up with a quick and easy alternative. No dirtying up pans required.


tortilla (I prefer flour)
hard boiled egg
pre shredded cheese or American cheese slice (or really any cheese you have on hand)
precooked bacon or sandwich meat slice (I like ham)

Smoosh up your egg with a fork or knife on your tortilla. Add your bacon or meat. Top with cheese.  Place assembled taco in microwave and nuke for approximately 30 seconds. Voila!

my life such as it is lazy man breakfast taco

I always have hard boiled eggs on hand for protein based snacks.  Same with cheese and sandwich meat. You can make your taco with just the egg and cheese if you are vegetarian.

signature elizabeth my life such as it

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