>Last night…

>I was so excited because I was going to have a night out with my best friend and scrapbook! Our goal this year was to get together at least once a month to crop and we’ve been pretty good up until Sept. I even sorted through pictures and paper so I’d be more organized than usual.

So I’m almost to Allison’s house and she calls and asks me to take her to Urgent Care when I get to the house. Apparently Miss Graceful slipped and fell, heard a pop in her ankle, it bruised and swelled immediately, and she’s in lots of pain. Her 19yr old son was out and her 12yr daughter can’t drive so it was Me to the Rescue!

We spent most of the night in the Urgent Care clinic. Allison’s ankle is not broken but she needs to see an orthopedist on Monday.

On the positive side, Allison did treat me to a late dinner at Texas Land & Cattle.

We’ll have to get together to scrapbook next weekend.

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