Kiddo’s 5th birthday party – Race Cars!

>Overall, I’d say Kiddo’s birthday party was a success! I was worried over having to switch to indoor activities due to the rain & our swampy backyard but it worked out okay. I was Googling Race Car party theme ideas on Thursday. I found an awesome idea! 

We made license plates with stickers & shiny poster board cut into rectangles. I already had race car stickers I had planned on putting in the goody bags. I rushed to Hobby Lobby that night & bought 1 silver and 1 gold sheet of poster board (1/2 off no less). I also had plenty of letter stickers for scrapbooking that I pulled out as well.  5 year olds & stickers – can’t go wrong there!

I made a Pin the Wheel on the Race Car game but that was greeted with less enthusiasm.

We had a houseful of kids & adults! My aunt drove down from San Antonio for Kiddo’s party. All the local family showed up. Half of Kiddo’s classmates came as well. Everyone had fun mixing & mingling.


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