It’s the little things you miss

Everyone can list some of the “big” things you miss when your spouse dies but it is the little things I find myself missing the most. Those little things frequently pop up when least expected and usually hurt more.

Hubby sitting at his desk in a green t-shirt

Hubby sitting at his desk in a green t-shirt

In no particular order –

Bug Killing – Robert was the designated Bug Killer in the house. Charlie is petrified of insects in general. I will kill anything except cockroaches or anything with a shell. I loathe the crunch sound.

Getting items off the top shelf (cabinets and pantry) – I’m only 5’4″ and Robert was 5’10”. Even with Charlie’s stepstool I’m barely reaching the top shelves of my kitchen cabinets and pantry.

Designated Drive Thru/Take Out person – When we wanted take out or fast food while still in jammies or just being lazy, Robert was our designated person to go get the food.

Check out strange sounds in the Middle of the Night person – also ties into the check the locks before going to bed job.

There are oh so many more things I miss every day. Too many to list here.


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  1. Those sound like things I would miss too. Because crunching is a no no.

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    • Yeah the crunching is a big no here too which totally creates a conundrum. Sadly the dogs ignore any bugs so I can’t even count on them to help out. Hopefully y’all don’t get those big giant cockroaches like we do.

  2. A heartfelt post that makes me appreciate my hubby all the more. Thank you for sharing.

  3. xoxoxox