It was a Pinterest Halloween

It was a Pinterest inspired Halloween this year. Yes, I know I’m late on writing about Halloween this year. Consider me early for 2014!

I made Monster Wreaths for my Village as a way of saying Thanks for being there this past year. They aren’t the same as Henry (my tulle monster wreath) but made with feather boas and googly eyes.  I found it on Pinterest last year and couldn’t wait to try making it this year.  I made 3 different Googly Eyed Monster wreaths, each one slightly different. I only took a picture of one though.

googly eye monster wreath

The project went almost exactly as the tutorial described except I used more than 4 feather boas per wreath. I wound my boas around the wreath forms pretty tightly so maybe that was the difference?

At the annual Halloween party there were a variety of Pinterest inspired snacks.

cuties as pumpkins

cuties as pumpkins

Mummy fingers

Mummy fingers

"Barfing" fruit  watermelon

“Barfing” fruit watermelon


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