I need 2 towels

Every day Charlie reminds me more and more of Robert. I am consistently amazed that Charlie has so many of his Daddy’s traits.

I have had almost this exact same conversation with Robert on more than one occasion.

C – Mooooom! I need 2 towels! (yelling from the bathroom)

M – ? Why?

C – because I can’t get my hair dry with a wet towel.

M – ??? huh ???

C – Mom! When I dry off my body, the towel is wet. I can’t get my hair dry by using a wet towel.

M – Then dry your hair first and then your body.

C – (*uh* sound) That is stupid. Then my body won’t get dry because the towel will be wet from my hair. I NEED to use 2 towels to completely dry off!!! One for my hair and one for my body!

The boy has his hair buzzed with a #4 blade. . There isn’t that much hair to dry! Two towels my ass.

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