I love Joe Ledger books!

OMG! I am eternally grateful that I picked up “Patient Zero last month on a whim. I’m even more grateful that Denise mentioned the Rot & Ruin series by the same author, Jonathan Maberry.  I fell in love with both series immediately!

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I finished the 5th book in the Joe Ledger series last night and pre-ordered the next book, Code Zero. I have stayed up way too late at night reading these books. If you enjoy Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler, Robin Cook or even James Patterson books then I recommend you take a look at Jonathan Marberry’s books. If you are a zombie aficionado, then I highly recommend Jonathan Marberry’s books.

Joe Ledger, the main character, is just an ordinary guy who ends up in extraordinary circumstances and saves the world. He is not perfect by any means. A tragedy in his teens fractured his psyche and even Joe admits to 3 personalities in his head.  Other characters are just as colorful and an integral part of the story lines.

The books aren’t all action, there are funny moments too. The science and technology, while futuristic, is still believable. Sadly even the evil plots are somewhat believable. For the most part the bad guys motives are rooted in love of money and power. There are definitely some waaaay out there scenarios but that just makes the books more fun!

Even more exciting – the Joe Ledger books have been optioned for television! OMG!! That is a TV show I would watch. I think these books would make great movies too. The YA Rot & Ruin books would also translate to the movie screen.

I can not say how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE these books! I have torn through the series in weeks and will most likely re-read the books, which is something I rarely do.

So rush out to the library or Half Price books and find you a copy of Patient Zero right now!




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