I have a dream with apologies to Dr. King

I have a dream. It is a simple dream really.  Nothing fancy but one that will take money and time so it isn’t a high priority right now.

One of these days all my light fixtures in my house will have the same size light bulb base.

For those of you with new houses, the struggle is one you will never understand. It is real. Very real.

My house is old. As we replaced light fixtures over the years we did not pay attention to the light bulb base sizes. Who knew they were all different? I get the flood light ones being different but a ceiling fan bulb? I mean really someone should put warning labels on light fixture boxes.

Rummaging through boxes with 6 different types of bulbs with different size bases, in the dark no less because the bulbs have burnt out.  Looking at a used bulb and trying to figure out if it is a regular base or a medium size base since they are ALMOST the same size. Finding out you have a gazillion bulbs with the wrong size base and none, zip, zero, of the size you need.

my life such as it is, light bulbs

I’m telling you it can drive a person to drink.

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