I had pecans!

Daddy bought me a pecan tree for my backyard in 2013. He did all sorts of research as to which type of tree would be the right size, not get too big, and produce early.

My poor tree has been through the ringer but it has been growing steadily every year. This year it finally put out pecans around mid-July. I was so excited but sadly, since the pecans weren’t ripe yet, I knew I would never get to taste them. We were leaving for Philmont Scout Ranch for 2 weeks. By the time we would get back, the squirrels would have gotten all the lovely pecans.

Sure enough, by the time we got back all my lovely pecans were gone. You could see the wreckage all over the ground under the tree. I am, however, excited about next year’s crop! I have plans for those pesky squirrels.

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