>How to make a Dress Up Play Pillowcase Dress Tutorial

>There are plenty of tutorials out there in Internet land on how to make pillowcase dresses. What I do for pretend play is different however. The pillowcases just need to be modified for easy on and off for little girls of varying sizes.

I pick up my pillowcases from the local thrift store. I look for ones with unique fabrics and patterns. I scored a lovely navy blue sateen pillowcase plus 3 polyester funky ones on my last trip. I recommend washing your pillowcases before doing anything to them.

First step is to lay your pillowcase out and then fold it in half lengthwise, putting the 2 side seams together.

Then decide how big you want your armholes to be. I made mine 9 inches long. I also chose a Vneck for simplicity sake but you could do a scoop neckline or squared off neckline. I wanted my straps to be approximately 3 inches wide. Also for simplicity, I made my Vneck 9 inches deep as well. If you do not want yours to be that big, then when cutting the Vneck (where the fold is) do not cut as deep. I just cut at an angle from the top pin to the side pin. It does not have to be perfect.

Your pillowcase will look like this when you’re finished cutting and still folded.

And like this when unfolded. Sew simple seams around the armholes and neck hole. I don’t even bother pinning the fabric, I just fold it over as I sew.

Now it is time for the fun stuff! Use whatever trims, lace, beading, sequins you have handy. The fancier the better! I’m not sure where I got the gold ribbon from but I figured it made a splash against the navy blue fabric. I just put simple straight stitch seams on the trims.

Voila – a unique one of a kind pretend play make believe dress up dress! Perfect for any little girl to accessorize and hours of play. It is machine washable and dryer friendly.


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