Henry’s Back which means Halloween

It is officially October and that means Henry is back! I’ve mentioned before that I am not that into Halloween as a holiday but do enjoy the spooky decorating a little bit. The things you do for your kids!

I recently had my front door painted as part of the whole house renovations from the washing machine flood over the summer. It is now the same color as my office and laundry room, Benjamin Moore’s Citrus Green.  Since Henry now matches the front door I brought him inside and placed over the fireplace mantel. He lost an eye at some point but I think Henry still looks spiffy.

my life such as it is, henry, monster tulle wreath, diy pinterest

Now I needed a new wreath for my front door. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest but I wanted something not too scary, inexpensive, and easy to do. I already had a grapevine wreath left over from a previous project. All I needed was something to go on it. I found some wooden decorations on sale at Hobby Lobby and with black spray paint and hot glue – Voila!

my life such as it is halloween wreath diy pinterest

This is what my newly created Halloween wreath looks like on the front door.  Not too shabby for approximately 30 minutes of work.

my life such as it is halloween wreath front door diy pinterest

Do you go all out decorating for Halloween? Or is it mainly a Fall theme with a few scary items added?

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  1. I love Henry.