Halloween Decorations

I don’t really celebrate Halloween. I take Charlie trick or treating and put Henry on the front door but that is about the extent of my decorating.

henry the monster wreath


This year I added a new decoration to the house.  Originally I had planned on a fall themed idea I saw on Pinterest, from MomAdvice.com, a cute way of showing off your house address by creating a pumpkin topiary. Then I was like DOH! My house number is in big bold numbers right where I was going to place the topiary. *sigh* 

Of course I realized this after I had purchased all the supplies to make the pumpkin topiary. Charlie wanted to carve more jack o’ lanterns so I decided he could paint the Funkins  instead. Then I could make a Halloween topiary! I think it turned out pretty darn good myself.

pumpkin stack 1

That is it for our Halloween decorations. I have one more project I would love to get done before Thursday but doubt it will happen. Like most of my holiday crafts ideas, I will finish it after the holiday.

Do you go all out for Halloween? Or are you more of the generalized fall décor type?


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