Halloween Costume Dilemma again

Once again Charlie has not yet picked out a Halloween costume for trick or treating. This is a recurring theme with the boy.

Last year Charlie was Jango Fett from Star Wars. This year Charlie is thinking he wants to be Boba Fett (also from Star Wars). The only costume I have seen so far is $40 at Target. Um, no. Apparently last year’s costume can not do double duty since Jango’s uniform has blue patches and Boba’s has brown patches. My suggestion to use fabric paint to change the blue to brown was not met with enthusiasm.

Amazon’s price is the same as Target. So this week I will be trolling the costume stores trying to find the Boba Fett costume for less than $40. Fingers crossed.

Or Hobby Lobby on Friday night for brown fabric paint.

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  1. Mine is too old to dress up, but I hear that Toys R Us has costumes at 75% off in store. That makes their Boba Fett costume $22.50 if your store has it.

    • Charlie ended up without a costume. He wore a t-shirt and jeans and went as “Normal Guy”. I tried to get Charlie to go costume shopping Thursday and Friday night but he didn’t want to.