Halloween 2021

Charlie decided at the last minute that he did want a costume for Trick-or- Treating.

So, I made a cape out of whatever red fabric I could find in my sewing room. Nothing fancy although it does include a hood.

Charlie and his friends did something different this year. Normally they go with Salvine’s younger siblings around the neighborhood. This time they decided to go check out Nightmare on Candy Cane Lane. This is a street that goes all out for Christmas and Halloween.

Unfortunately, the street made the local Houston news and was packed! Residents reported running out of candy as early as 5:30-6pm. People resorted to handing out whatever they could scrounge including non-traditional Halloween treats.┬áIt was so crowded the street was blocked and kids couldn’t even move down the street from house to house.

Charlie summed it up this way – “WHO the hecks gives out peppermint candy for Halloween??!!”. 

charlie halloween
lie wearing a red cape for Halloween 2021

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