Halloween 2015

Saturday it rained. Practically the whole day. We had plans for “Ghostbusters and Ghouls” at the Houston Symphony that morning. Downtown Houston floods. A lot.  Taina, Charlie, and I were game to try since the Symphony was still performing.

my life such as it is halloween 2015 medusa headpiece

my Medusa headpiece

Let’s just say it was an adventure. The rain was not so bad but no matter what route I tried there was high water. Lulu, my faithful GPS, tried her best rerouting but to no avail. Eventually I managed to turn around and head back to the house. Unfortunately while driving through some high water I hit a curb. There was a popping sound. I pulled into the nearest parking lot and yep, my rear tire was blown. Huge hole that Fix-A-Flat wasn’t going to fix. Of course the rain got worse at that moment. Thanks to my dad I know how to change a tire but as I got the car jacked up a wonderful young black man stopped to help me. I made the kids get out of the car to hold umbrellas over him!

Now thoroughly soaked all 3 of us headed to our side of town for lunch at Olive Garden.

my life such as it is lunch olive garden

Later that evening Charlie went to a friend’s house for trick or treating. He went wearing a t-shirt and jeans saying his costume was “Normal Guy”. My costume was “Lump on the Sofa watching TV”. Charlie came home around 10:30pm declaring he had a total blast. He also had a plastic pumpkin full of candy. I’m thankful for the Lopez’s for taking Charlie with them trick or treating.

halloween 2015 my life such as it is

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