Giving Tuesday – Three Little Pitties Rescue – Donations Needed

Today is #GivingTuesday, a day for donating to your favorite charity. Donations are desparately needed.

Although you shouldn’t need a special designated day to donate to any charity. Hopefully you support your favorite non-profit throughout year, not only with monetary donations but your time as well.

My favorite charity is Three Little Pitties Rescue. I’m currently a foster for Nala, one of the ferals picked up a few months ago. We’ve been fostering for a year now if not a little longer. Charlie and I also help with Transport day if our scheduled permit. We’ve helped by providing treats and stuffing Kongs for the dogs, washing piles of laundry, and promoting 3LP to friends and family via social media.

Times are tough for all non-profits and charities right now. The pandemic has affected just about everyone financially one way or another. I get that, trust me I do. However, Three Little Pitties Rescue is in serious trouble financially and in danger of having to close. These women are amazing and so dedicated to their cause. Here is what 3LP has to say on their behalf.

Dear Adopters and Supporters, We are sharing our circumstances with you as we all have a common bond of love and compassion for these animals. We come to you in full transparency: Three Littles Pitties Rescue is in dire financial distress. We are at our rock bottom. If it is easier for you, here is a video to explain what is going on:
We’ve faced extensive unexpected expenses with the transport truck (YTD $38,058).  Our operational costs for fuel, utilities, and supplies have increased substantially. Even the cost of two experienced drivers increased 21% since last year.  Our adoption rate has abruptly declined by 63% to approx 160 animals per month compared to last year adopting out approx 230 animals per month.  20% of the animals we save require unexpected extra medical care. We spend anywhere from $30,000-60,000 per month in veterinary expenses. 
A few months ago we took measures to make substantial cuts everywhere we could, but it has not been enough. We have a strategy in the works for building up adoptions. However, unless we are able to find a financial solution, we will not be able to continue saving these wonderful animals.   Together, we’ve saved over 9,300 animals in the last few years! That is something to be proud of. We know how to save lives and desperately want to continue. Here is what makes this rescue special:  We don’t discriminate on breed or heartworm status Majority of the dogs we save have no other option and will be euthanized We operate as humbly as possible; salary and wages for the organization equate to only 13% of the total budget. The situation for animals in Houston is worse than we have ever seen. Our local shelters who we regularly pull animals from are having to euthanize for space on a weekly basis. Those shelters need us. 
We are asking all of our adopters and volunteers to partner with us as monthly “Pit Crew” donors. There is a monthly deficit of $30,000 that we must fill in order to continue saving lives. This is achievable if we do this together! 
  Here’s the link to set up your donation:
Join the Pit Crew!

Facebook Meta is matching donations today. I’ve set up a FB fundraiser for 3LP if you want to make a 1 time donation.

Thank you!

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