Girls Night Out at the Gun Range

Last Friday we had a Girls Night Out, the first one in months! Let me say I love my “village” and look forward to spending time with Jackie, Kelly, and Michelle whenever we can arrange it. Michelle was in charge of planning this get together.

g2g gun range, my life such as it is, gno, girls night out

We ended up at G2G gun range in Rosenberg. I had never shot a gun before. BB Guns for Cub Scouts doesn’t count! I had lots of fun. I tried a Glock 9mm but didn’t like it. I really liked Michelle’s 38. It just felt better. There is definitely a sense of power that comes with shooting a gun. Sort of scary too.

gno girls night out my life such as it is g2g gun range

Afterwards we went out to eat Tex-Mex at Gringos. Time with great friends was exactly what I needed.

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